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new unionism logohomeWhen we first started thinking about this whole NewUnionism» thing it seemed there was just no end to the things such a network could do. It still feels that way. But none of us have been able to think of a magic formula to make it financially sustainable. After a lot of head scratching we just decided to go for it without resolving this question. We hope that members will consider making a donation - one hours pay per member per year would cover our running costs. Over and above this, we are hoping to make ends meet by doing work (ie projects) which prove their worth and merit your support. For this reason one of the best things we can achieve is an active membership which guides us along the path of what's useful. This also serves rather nicely as a safeguard against becoming bureaucratic, or overly-commercial in our presentation.

That said, we face the same commercial pressures you do. If you or your union is in a position to help, please click here»

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