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homeThe purpose of this series of stories is to show how organization and partnership, taken together, are changing the face of work and revitalising trade unionism. You are invited to add, suggest or comment on stories in the column on the right. Alternatively, you can email


arrows Partnership for Quality
pfqOne of the undoubted union success stories of the last few years has been that of New Zealand's Public Services Association (PSA). With an innovative strategy built on establishing genuine partnership from the workplace up, they have brought workers and consumers together in a push for improvements in the quality of jobs, management practices and public services. The process has reversed years of declining membership, and they have become the country's largest and fastest growing union. For more on this story, click here arrows

arrows Workplace democracy gone mad
peaceAnyone who doubts the potential of workplace democracy should read about SEMCO, the Brazilian industrial equipment company. It is a wild and awe-inspiring story, and it shows how far a determined mix of organization and partnership can take us. In the words of CEO Ricardo Semler, "I hope our story will cause other companies to reconsider themselves and their employees... to concentrate on building organisations that accomplish that most difficult of all challenges : to make people look forward to coming to work in the morning." For more on this story, click here arrows

arrows (L+M)p- SEIU's new relativity
seiuIn the international labour movement US union the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is notorious for its laser focus on organizing. What fewer people realise is that this runs parallel with a drive for industrial partnership. And in an age where capital and production is being globalised, the SEIU is also helping build a new model of networked internationalism. This will be a developing story, and we're going to enjoy following it, because whatever it is that they're doing, it's working! For more on this story, click here arrows

arrows "Relational organizing" at Harvard
harvardThe story of the unionisation of Harvard's clerical and technical workers is an inspiring one on many levels - as much because of the way it was done as the great results that were achieved. The story of the HCTWU (part of AFSCME) may also point to a solution to a critical problem facing unions today: the "representation gap". Why do so many more workers SAY they want to join a union than ever do? Click here arrows for a possible answer.




Struggle tales

tug-of-warMembers are invited to share their own stories, particularly if they might help others, by clicking the words "add a comment" below. If you wish your tale to be anonymous, or wish to remove it from the site at some later date, email Non-member contributions are welcome too, but we reserve the right to delete these. All contributions are subject to the etiquette for dialogue arrows 






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